Here is MOODYs MOOD performed by Take 6 on Quincy Jones Album MOODY’S MOOD is the most recorded jazz song ever!

The Harmony Course by Gregory MOODY is as close as you can get to having Grammy Award recipient ??NEA Jazz Master ?JAMES MOODY at your disposal !??Gregory Moody, Creative Music’s founder, is an accomplished musician and software engineer and is the cousin of world renounced NEA Jazz Master, 2010 Grammy Award recipient and recording artist, James Moody. Moody and I go back over 30 years when I was a teenager and was taught to leave the sheet music alone. ?? In this course, I release the family secrets of harmony from an NEA Jazz Master and Grammy Award recipient! ??The NEA Jazz Master is the highest honor that our nation bestows on jazz artists. Each year since 1982, the program has elevated to its ranks a select number of living legends who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of jazz. ???Moody and Quincy Jones have been best friends for over 50 years. Here is Moody and and Patty Austin on stage singing his word famous hit Moody Mood For Love for Quincy at a birthday party.

In 1998 I was preparing for an MCAT to enter Medical School or an LSAT to enter Law School—I already had a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science from Rutgers and thought to myself – How is it that one can become a Doctor or a Lawyer, or one of many other professions, in a fixed length of time …. and it does not matter where or who you get this education from, you are going to finish in the same amount of time and be just as qualified as anybody else … but there is no such thing for music! After a career in software engineering and working many years at AT&T Bell Labs, Gregory attended NCCU School of Law to obtain a law degree but decided software engineering was still a passion passion So Creative Music was founded and we build apps for iPhone and IPad to help you with your musicianship. There is no guarantee of success if you follow the program and take your “music lessons.” But wait…. there isn’t even a standard curriculum or guidelines or a timeframe of how long this process will take and learn how to play. It’s a crap-shoot as to whether you are going to get the result you are looking for!/td>

I was fortunate enough to get instruction from one of the great masters who gave me the raw deal on this is how you play without music. I am also the cousin of NEA Jazz Master and Grammy award recipient James Moody. Moody recorded on major record labels for over 50 years and doesn’t read music!! You don’t see Alicia Keys or Billy Joel on stage reading music… so why should you! In my instruction there were no boring drills, no songs to memorize, just the facts on how to play with no music. With this knowledge, I now finally understand how people are able to play without being able to read music, or ever having music lessons. I now understand how I was a victim of the traditional music education path, having taken lessons for years, and really have gotten nowhere except frustrated This is pure madness especially when thinking about how lucky I was find the right instructor who only gave me the facts distilled down to a few months giving me the knowledge necessary to play by ear./td>

My partner from high school Glen Stewart, who also got the same instruction that we present to you in the Harmony System, we realized that there needed to be a fix — and we both being computer engineers began our journey to design and develop a step-by-step music education path that anybody can follow and get guaranteed results within a fixed period of time. We already had the knowledge, and just had to formalize the process on how to play without music. Playing by ear without music is nothing new, but we are the first company to document it in a step-by-step process that anybody can follow. It is usually the case that people that play by ear, can’t explain how they do it and don’t realize there is a method to what they do. The key to success is the understanding of Harmony!! Once you understand Harmony, written music is no longer necessary This has never done before, there is nobody out there teaching just harmony up front as the first step. Try to find a music teacher and tell them you don’t want to learn to read music, you don’t want to play their silly songs, you just want to learn to play with no music, and play the songs that you want to play day one. That learning process does not exist until now — at Creative Music during the next year we put the process together and had over $10,000 in sales our first month and spent zero dollars in advertising. Orders were coming in from all over the world once people saw videos of how our system worked./td>

Playing by ear is not a gift, anybody can learn. Playing by ear is based on the understanding of harmony. Once you understand harmony you can play anything without music. Reading notes and symbols on sheet music is the long hard road and takes years… and once you are done you still can’t play without music!!! Skip that step and learn harmony and play by ear in 7 days!! Glen does not read music but understands harmony. The information and technique in Harmony Course at Creative Music was passed down to Glen and myself from the great piano masters who used to play the clubs in Harlem in the 1930’s. Now perfected and brought to you in a step by step method” Gregory Moody – CEO Creative Music Glen Stewart – VP and Chief Musical Officer/td>