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The Piano Run Machine -...

Available in the AppStore as an Add-On to Piano Harmony MIDI Studio

Create and hear thousands on run for chords. You Pick the chord and we give you the runs

Note-by-Note slow it down to your own pace  GUITAR and PIANO

Price $0.00

Piano Harmony MIDI Studio-...

COMPATIBILITY - Window 7 and above

Re-Harmonize any song with beautiful chords in minutes!
This app has the same features as our iPhone app
-- Instantly transpose to any key
-- Hear your sequences as you create them
-- Harmonize in any genre – Gospel- Jazz – Rock – Contemporary
-- Print and save your chord sequences as PDF files

Price $29.99

Piano Harmony MIDI Studio -...

Never need sheet music again. Chord any song in minutes and hear and fine-tune you creations.

Unlock the mystery of playing by ear and find out what that is really about. Anybody can do it, it is not a gift, we expose it all in our material.

Over 100,000 runs are optionally available. We have hot runs for every chord in this app, see and hear the runs played note-by-note at any speed. Blues, Pentatonic, Melodic minor, etc....

Then print a visual representation of your chords that anybody can play!

Create beautiful re-harmonizations and chord progressions for your favorite songs and sound like a pro. Works on any musical genre Jazz, gospel, contemporary, etc. Watch our amazing videos of this app in action.

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Simon Says -Ear Training -...

Available in the AppStore

A Piano version of the SIMON Game

See if you can repeat a sequence of notes

The sequence gets longer and longer

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